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I’ve recently found interest in 1976 Holden HX Ute

The cars engine has been replaced with a v6 vp 1996 commodore engine and runs nicely. However I have concerns with the rust on the bottom mud guards and the inside corners of the door, as well some dodgy suspension and a leaking dif. I’m wondering roughly how much i should be charged to replace the suspension, cut the rust, repaint the whole car and fix the dif, if sent to a repair shop. If you need more information please reply.

The regulars on this US-based forum are not familiar with either Holden vehicles or parts and labor rates in Australia. While your vehicle does share some mechanical parts with older GM vehicles from The US, other parts are unique to Holdens.

Can you find parts for something that old?

I have no idea how much you should be charged for all of that . But I can imagine you will be charged enough that looking for something that does not need all that work will be less costly.

The HX is based on an Opel Commador. From what you describe, the repair costs will rapidly enter 5 digits. Based on what you find when you start peeling back the rust, the cost will double and triple very quickly.

probably australia so i would think rust repair might be what you would find in southern california for comparison on a 40 yr old car. might not be real bad

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The Holden is a neat little Ute (pickup truck here in the states), but if you want this as a hobby to restore you need to learn how to do it yourself. Paying someone else to do it will cost you a lot.

I’m guessing $10,000 - $15,000 (US). Less if willing to live w/some cosmetic blemishes. Could be considerably more if show-level perfection is required.