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Holden Crewman

I looking at buying a holden crewman 2003 Model storm 180 000 Klm what do u think its my first car

This is primarily a US site, and we do not have Holden vehicles over here. So unfortunately I know nothing about this vehicle. However, maybe someone else can comment?

ok thanks for that do u know any australian based websites that I would be able

My limited knowledge of the Holden line indicates that this light-duty truck is mechanically related to the American Chevrolet Lumina. If that is the case, you can expect decent–although not outstanding–reliability.

However, as with any used vehicle, you would be very foolish if you buy it without doing two things:

Ask for the vehicle’s maintenance records.
Compare the maintenance records with the maintenance requirements in the Holden Owner’s Manual. This is very important.
No records=no purchase.

Have a mechanic of your own choosing do a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle.
Even if the vehicle has been well-maintained, a thorough inspection can find impending repair problems and can also uncover evidence of collision damage.

Good luck with your search!

Check out’s Holden Crewman reviews. Generally favorable. At that mileage, make sure you get a thorough pre-purchase mechanic inspection. Use the results as leverage to either get the price down or get the appropriate recommended repairs done.

Google ‘Holden car forums’ and ‘Australian car forums’, lots to choose.

I’ll echo these suggestions. Since the Ute isn’t as high off the ground like normal trucks here in the states, you should be able to keep it from rolling over. Expect friends to ask you to haul things around for them too.
I will, however, recommend talking to an insurance agent(your parents perhaps) and asking them what insurance will cost you. You may find that the storm trim level might be as much to insure as a low end Monaro, or even a Hilux(they do have the Toyota Hilux down there, right?)

Cheers mate really helpful thanks heeps

Yeah we do have a hilux i will do that thanks heeps