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I think Jiffy Lube stripped my oil plug

I took my car to Jiffy Lube ( I know big mistake) and they told me they can’t service the car next time because the “oil plug damaged prior” and that no further service will be performed until the oil pan is replaced. The are the only ones who ever replaced my oil and I feel they stripped the plug. How do I remedy this problem

If you’ve kept all of your receipts and records, you might be able to get them to pay you back for a replacement (you don’t necessarily need to replace the oil pan, I would have an independent mechanic look at it for you). I would imagine you’ll have to take them to small claims court to get reimbursed, though

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve checked, thanks to your site some mechanics in my area and also checked their rating with BBB. There is one just around the corner from me and will take my car there in the AM. I do have my receipts and also know I’ll probably have to take them to court which I have no problem doing however, will try to be reimbursed first. They have an A+ rating with the BBB so I doubt they really want to hurt their ratings. Will try settle this without taking further action. Again, many thanks for your quick response. Most respectfully, Eleanor, Elly, Watson

An over-sized drain plug can be installed.

On my vehicles if there is any damage to an oil pan I replace the oil pan if it is practical. The oil pan on a 3.3 L Grand Caravan is easy to replace.

I have had a lot of stripped oil pans, which is why I don’t let anyone change my oil for me anymore.
I have never had any trouble after putting in a self threading, oversized plug.

Of course, if you take it back to Jiffy Lube, they might strip that one too.

I’m sure Jiffy Lube stripped the plug however, they won’t have the opportunity to do it again. I check with Car Talk and Yelp for references for a new mechanic as mine passed away. After getting and comparing recommendations I check with the BBB and finally narrowing down to one place. I took my it there this morning and talked with the owner. We made an appt. for Wed. him to put it on the lift to so he could see exactly what’s going on hopefully will be able to tell how honest he is.Of course I want all my parts returned to me so I can examine them as my oil pan was replace only a few years ago and really shouldn’t need to be repaired so soon. Guell I’ll have to wait and see.

I can’t do the work myself as I’m disabled and need an honest mechanic. Plus where I live they don’t allow auto repairs anyway so I’m sort of behind the 8 ball.

Thank you for your response,

Sincere regards

Eleanor (Elly) Watson

I am sure a good independant shop in your area can do a better job than Jiffy lube.Sometimes they over torque the drain plug and strip it.

Thank you, I did a considerable amount of checking between Car Talk, Yelp and the BBB I feel I have a pretty good handle on things. Of course I always worry about people taking advantage of women and too I’m a disabled senior just add more to the mix. So I try to make sure I’m as well informed as possible so people will be a little less likely to take advantage. So we’ll see what happens here. I will most likely be paying Jiffy Lube another visit because if they did, in fact, strip the oil plug they will be held liable. They also have an A+ BBB rating so we’ll see what happens.
Thanks again Corollaguy1. Have a super day!

I don’t know why “Curtis Valves” aren’t used for automotive applications. They are very frequently found in reciprocating aviation engines. You simply twist the two prongs (after attaching a hose if desired) and let the oil drain into a pan or bottle. My Piper Seneca’s engines have small inspection plates on the cowling bottoms to facilitate sticking a hose onto the Curtis valve. No stripping of drain, no mess

Jiffy lube is a major business. They can no doubt pay off (bribe) BBB for an A+ rating which they in no way deserve!

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I’d go one step further, and install an over-sized drain valve that never has to be removed again.

I used to use the Fram Sure Drain kit, but they don’t make those anymore, so I’ve switched to the Fumoto Oil Drain Valve on one of my vehicles, and it works well.

It’s probably the case the previous oil change work damaged the drain valve threads, but there are alternative theories. For example the oil drain valve – due to its function – tends to be the lowest part on the engine, so it can hit the pavement going over bumps in the road sometimes, and get damaged that way. Or get hit by something laying in the road. It’s also possible the pan is perfectly ok, and the problem is the drain plug itself. I had that latter problem w/my truck, pan threads remain good, plug threads no good. Best to not jump to conclusions without further evidence. OP should be sure to check the oil on the dipstick frequently until this is resolved. Don’t let a minor problem become a major one.

As I fratelli Magliozzi said, ‘Friends don’t let friends use Jiffy Lube.’