I paid $180 bucks and got 5 starts? what gives?

1984 Chevrolet S10 6Cyl 2.8L - Engine
i stalled out while going up a hill on 7/2/13 and got towed to the auto body shop. i paid $180. now it wont start on 7/5/13
here is the labor description-- TOWED IN. NO SPARK. CALL WITH ESTIMATE. Diagnose no start, no spark. Check power to coil and module; okay. Ignition coil wasn’t being grounded by the module. Remove cap and check input from pickup coil to module; okay. Replace Ignition module.
Ignition module 55-1514/ Qty 1.00 / Sale 74.46 / Extended 74.46

Where is s-10 now. At home, shop? What’s wrong with it now?

need more info does it crank ?is it getting fuel stuff like that

Get a spark tester at any auto parts store or harbor freight. It looks like a spark plug with a clip. You clip it onto the engine and plug one spark plug into it. It has a visible spark gap that will help you see whether it has spark. report back with the result.

I think OP is saying it might be ignition again? Just saying. Could be as simple as 1 wire came loose. Maybe battery terminal was not tightened. Little odd stuff can happen when car is worked on

When the ignition module goes bad, you get no spark and therefore the motor won’t run. That was the diagnosis for the $180 repair. The replacement ignition module could be faulty and simply failed again. Or, there could be a problem in the circuit providing current to the ignition module - too much or too little that is causing the module to blow out.

I suspect you have the same problem now, just can’t tell you if the part you purchased was defective or if there is a larger electrical problem still to be worked out. I’d report the problem to the shop that did the repair and see what they recommend now.

I see you had your car towed to the auto body shop. Does this shop also do mechanical work in addition to paint and body or was it just the closest place? They may not be particularly qualified or experienced for your type of problem.

Can you describe exactly what happens now when you try to start the truck? I can think of many things that could cause your truck not to start.

If the distributor has a vacuum advance, check the wires inside the distributor that go to the ignition module. Over time these wires can flex and break from the movement of the advance plate inside the distributor which the ignition module is mounted on.