I need new struts for my VW

I have a 1998 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 liter 5-speed manual with 110k on it. I have a hitch on it and use it to tow small trailers and a boat. I need to replace the struts on it and I want something that will hold up better than stock struts to handle the weight. What type of struts do you recomend?

Bilsteins are great, if you can afford them. Tire Rack has them, along with Koni and KYBs. All would be fine, just remember it’s the springs that carry the load, not the shocks/struts.

The question itself is flawed because the primary job of supporting weight is not that of the shock or strut-but the spring itself. Additionally expensive shocks can be damaged if you have too much sag int he rear because they’re out of their appropriate range of travel.

That said, speaking as someone with experience with VW’s, I’m going to say Boge is probably your best bet for value and performance. About 10% stiffer than the factory shocks and of better quality. Bilsteins are nice, but not cheap, and the ride may not suit everyone-especially if you have gotten use to blown out factory shocks.

Yep, I forgot Boge, I had them on a Scirocco, Bilsteins on a GTI, both good.