I need help fixing my car

Okay so here’s a picture pic of my vehicle.

I can’t get it to stay running. And when it does stay running the engine seems to be shaking and reving up and down by itself then trying to die. When I took it for a test drive I really couldn’t open faster then 25mph.

Considering the severe lack of information you’ve posted here, I will assume you will not be fixing this van yourself, correct?

Drive it, or tow it to a good independent local mechanic and ask him to get your van running. Expect to pay him for his time diagnosing the problem(s) on this seriously old van (can’t be newer than 1995) and expect multiple things wrong with it.


Well, I was going to post a video of the problem but it wouldn’t take my video so I was going to post a voice recording

That wouldn’t help much at all. Please answer my question, Are you going to try and fix this yourself?

I’ll bet that the fuel pressure is low because the rubber connection between the pump and outlet is split… But I’ii shoot at anything that moves today.

Is the Check Engine light on?


I hope these files go through. No check engine light. Now, I thought this vehicle would be stronger I did some donuts in it and hit a curb after that all these problems started before that it ran perfect.

See if something is bent/damaged in the exhaust system.



I hope these files go through. No check engine light. Now, I thought this
vehicle would be stronger I did some donuts in it and hit a curb after that
all these problems started before that it ran perfect.
Voice 001.m4a

I am going to have to go find some sympathy , because at the moment I can’t find any.


Well, You don’t have a problem with the car. The car have a problem with You. It’s saying to You: I don’t wanna be owned by You, You hurt me and i wont behave well untill You find me an owner who will treat me well and not hit anything with me. :smiley:

You might look for a vacuum leak close to the engine. something could be disturbed.
Besides that, likes the look and nice colour.

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I understand this vehicle isn’t made for donuts and curb hopping

So I’ll check these fixes out thanks for watching my video if not work I’ll go to a mechanic?

On a different note I payed $350 for this vehicle is that too much

It doesn’t matter what you paid for the vehicle.

You still messed it up.



I know my faults you don’t need to rub it in j-k. I know I messed up but if by God I can get good help cheap repairs and a tune up it’ll be worth it I just gotta get her too the shop $25 dollars diagnostics cuz idk what I’m doing but I have to drive it in only bout a mile down road should be alright if I go slow

My friend thinks it could be a throttle cable needs cuz he’s says the engines not getting enough gas

He might be a good friend, and he might be right, but for the wrong reason. If you have a vacuum leak - that means that the engine won’t get sufficient fuel for running as it should, not to mention that Your idle was poor too and the throttle cable is not involved at idle. Start with checking all vacuum hoses connected to the engine which means any hoses not containing liquid substances. Forget the throttle cable and remember that Your friend just tried to help You.
Mind you, there can be several other reasons, both cheap and expensive, that can cause your trouble, but I’ll start with a possible vacuum leak.

That was apparent from the very first post.


I don’t see the model year, but I’m presuming its configured with electronic fuel injection. On those types of engines, when the idle speed wanders up and down like that, usually it is caused by some kind of air leak. For these types of engines to run well, the engine has to be air tight from the air cleaner all the way to the exhaust pipe. If the exhaust system seems to remain intact, pop the hood and take a look at the path from the air cleaner to the throttle body. Often there is a rubber boot involved. It might have got knocked loose or the boot split from when you hit the curb. Take a look at the throttle body area too for an idle air control gadget. That might be sticking or needing replacement. Whatever’s causing the idle wandering could also cause the loss of power, but generally if the loss of power (off-idle) was the same problem as the idle wandering, it would cause a check engine light.