I need help fixing my car

maybe its old gas? its old. 20+yrs? daily driver or occasional use? saw a doc about the RUSH band and their early days and they had 1 of these. went thru 3 motors. some people like rush, some dont. their van was blue so i bet its not this one.

No it worked perfectly. I posted videos after u hit the curb it started this i think I knocked something loose

I cant find anything loose I’ve been checking hoses nothing hanging off or falling apart a lot grease though built up so I’ve been scrubbing parts

Can’t figure it out ima take it in hopefully cheap pray for me I checked hoses couldn’t find leaks

It’s far back to reach hoses in I don’t haveven tools so I will call mechanic Monday night keep u updated

New questions what do y’all thinkle I could do to upgrade this beauty

I Yeah y’all quit hating I’m only trying to talk some? Fix my car learn about cars/van

Your van looks like a van I had not too long ago, it had been a camper van and then converted to a handicap van. I think I see a wheelchair ramp in the back door there. Mine was green though.

What sounds like a squeal to you sounds like a vacuum leak to me. You may have a transmission that uses manifold vacuum to determine shift points so I would check that hose first. Since you checked over the engine, look for the hose at the transmission end. If it is off down there, the transmission will not want to upshift until the engine reaches redline.

You may have knocked loose the vacuum hose to your brake booster, If so, your brake pedal will be hard to push down and you will need a lot of leg to stop the van.

BTW, if you hit a curb really hard, you may need some suspension pieces in order to align the tires correctly. They are probably out of alignment and will make driving the van at normal speeds difficult and wear out your tires quickly. You may have also bent a wheel which will cause the van to vibrate at speed and balancing the wheels wont help.

Edit: I noticed in your video that you are out of gas, or almost out. Sometimes a fuel pump will have trouble creating the required fuel pressure when the level is that low in the tank. Adding gas might help as increased level of gas in the tank adds “head pressure” to the pump.

BTW, letting us know some information about your vehicle does help us help you. If the van is 95 or older, it is OBDI, 96 and newer is OBDII. There is a world of difference there. Also the engine as different engines are prone to different problems so that changes the “go to” order of troouble shooting. There are also some differences between the G10, G20 and G30 models but probably won’t pertain to your current problem.

That van is definitely OBD1, based on the body style

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I’d make it into a camper van. Great for a weekend run to the local camping site. With your van, you can sleep inside, away from the burglars and bugs. Could even put a small kitchen, sink, propane cook-top & fridge, sink, tank & electric pump for water. You could use it to make money too. Deliver newspapers, any kind of delivery service. Even delivering for Amazon. load it up with garden equipment and offer your services as a gardener. Most any kind of small construction projects. Dog grooming, I bet you could make a bundle with your van doing that. Food truck, drive it to local business parks and sell hamburgers, burritos, etc. another way to make a good bit of money.

I got $600 out of it I could have got $1000 but it’s messed up now so Nope.

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