I mean you! (not u!)

I see the youngsters who write in text message shorthand have started to post on this board.

They write u instead of you, r instead of are, etc.

I hate that.

I’m not helping them.

I’m really cranky today.

Thank you.

p.s.: apologies to T. Monk

U R Welcm.
No A’s necessary.

(sorry…couldn’t resist)

if its cuz ur cranky dnt let it bother u 2morrow is a new day. eye thnk thngs will b betr then

Not to mention no punctuation or paragraph breaks. All the old fashion things like paragraphs really do make things easier to read and more likely to be read.

You might be cranky, but language is always changing. I was tracking words added and deleted from Webster’s Dictionary for a while. I was disappointed to see a few go, and happy to see some added. Accepted spellings have changed over the years and you are welcome to have your bastillion of last resistance, but I think the tide will be overwhelming. It makes sense in texting as most efficient keystroke usage without loosing meaning. Have you ever watched Gallaghers comedy piece on spelling and language. It may bring you a chuckle or two.

Then they don’t use puctuation or capitals either,

I read that last (sentence?) without a problem :slight_smile:

“Thank you?”

You’re welcome. Sorry to hear that you’re cranky today. I hope you feel better soon.

I don’t know how to write those two sentences in “text,” but I don’t care.

When I was in 7th grade I failed English and had to attend summer school. While there I discovered an English teacher who explained everything to me, and it all made sense. I am, and always will be, forever grateful to her.

I, too, skip the crazy posts I can’t read, and/or the ones that just don’t make any sense.

There are posters who obviously don’t use English as a first language, and that’s different. I try to help them to the best of my ability. It’s not their fault they’re not conversant in English.

For the rest of the population, however, I say, “This is not a cell phone.” We need words, not abbreviations.

I may be a dinosaur, but I’m still holding out for correct written English, as opposed to “text,” which I find very difficult to read.


I can read it, but it’s not easy.

Great, now my eyes are bleeding…

Believe it or not, that’s how the ancient Hebrew parts of the Bible were written: no capitalization, no punctuation, and no vowels even…the name of God (Yaweh or Jehovah) was simply spelled “YWH” with no vowels (in the Hebrew equivalent). So, the young’uns today are actually repeating ancient history…nothing new under the sun!

dat is purty gd. tanks

I agree with you Circuitsmith!

I observed quite a few years ago that virtually nobody under the age of 40-something knows that “a lot” is two words. Have you noticed that almost everyone now seems to think that there is a word spelled, “alot”?

And, increasing numbers of people seem to think that “gonna” is a word.
Whatever happened to “going to”? Even newscasters say, “gonna”, even though the only “gonna” in the dictionary is the sound of the first syllable of the name of a venereal disease.

Or, how about “your supposed to…”, rather than “you’re supposed to…”.
It appears that a very small percentage of the population knows the difference between the possessive word, “your”, and the contraction for “you are”, namely–“you’re”.

I have almost given up hope that most people know the difference between the words, “loose” and “lose”.
More often than not, people on this board tell us…“my engine is loosing power”, or “when I push the brake pedal very hard (actually they usually say “break pedal”), I loose my brakes.”

At my last job, I was one of the staff members who made decisions regarding hiring of new personnel. On more than one occasion, we received a letter stating that the writer was responding to our “add” in the newspaper. I’m sorry, but if you do not know the difference between a word describing one of the 4 basic functions of math and the abbreviation for the word, “advertisement”, I don’t think that we can afford to hire you to write documents for submission to the Superior Court! All of those letters were promptly trashed by me, and those folks were never brought in for an interview.

As bad as this rampant mis-usage/misspelling is, the use of informal abbreviations by texters has probably sounded the true death knell for proper usage of our language.

And, for those who say that this type of mangling of the language is taught in school, I say think again. This is not taught, but teachers are essentially shoveling feces against the tide when they try to correct this ingrained, sloppy mis-use of our language.

Very sad. Very sad indeed.

“without loosing meaning”

If your meaning is loose, perhaps you should get a tool to tighten it!

Thank you for proving my point.

Thank you, VDCdriver.

Eloquently put.

Thank you.


Hey, I have hyper co-workers who TALK like that.
“Dude, slow down, use the space bar once in a while.”


You’re mad at them because you just finished grading their exams.

you want bleeding eyes, try writing this in advanced leet:

‘/()|_| ///||+ |3|_33|)!||9 3’/35 +|’/ //|!+!||9 +|-|!5 ||| /|)//||[3|) 1337

(Done by hand. Any errors in translating English to Moron are therefore mine)