I’m about to purchase a new car, and the owner says it needs a few things?


Not in 1985. Ford acquired it in 1990 and dumped it in 2008. Ford actually improved the reliability and quality, the X-Type notwithstanding.


All true except the Ford part. They didn’t buy Jaguar until 1989.


That is fallacious.
Ford bought Jaguar about 4 years AFTER this particular car was built.
Yes, Jags began to include some Ford-sourced parts after FoMoCo bought them out, but Jaguar reliability actually improved after the Ford purchase.

That is not to say that Jags EVER became reliable, or cheap to repair, but at least Ford did improve that marque’s reliability to a certain extent.

Edited to add:
I’m glad to see that others beat me to the punch in correcting asterix’s bogus statement.


Ouch, Ohhh, Man, did I get that year wrong.
It’s night time here, so I’ll go in and put my foot in my mouth. Can anybody tell me how you sleep with a mouth filled with a foot?
Sorry guys.


Hm. Looking several sources, I’m seeing both 1989 and 1990 as the year of acquisition.
Not sure what you mean by your first sentence.


?? I was agreeing with everything else that @asterix said.


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I admit that I was wrong about 10 years. My bad.

Do You say some .
Engines, transmissions, front and rear suspensions, electrical equipments, floorpans and so many other things. Just in a different package.

Yes, they did. Improving from a 0 to 1 on a scale from 0 to 10 is no difficult task.


Yes, Lucas Electric aka “Prince of Darkness”


Footfully. Kinda like fitfully, but with a different flavor.


Funny, I’ve never heard that expression (Or I have and have forgotten it), but very apropos, from my experience!

I always pictured rainy :umbrella: London :umbrella: whenever a British car with Lucas electrics frequently failed to start because it was raining and thought, What the heck… ? How does that make any sense?:thinking:



Have you actually visited London?
I have been there 6 times–in various seasons in the '70s, '80s, and '90s–and the weather there was never any more “rainy” than was the weather in the Eastern US.

Many years ago, I worked with a dolt who asked me how I dealt with “the constant fog” in London, and I had to inform him that I had never dealt with any fog in that city. He had never ventured across “The Pond”, and was relying on bizarrely outdated memes (probably from the '50s) regarding the weather in The UK. If he had been more knowledgeable, he might have realized that the “infamous London Fog” was chiefly the result of the reliance on coal for heating in olden days.


It’s a follow-on to your post. I can identify it that way in the future if you like.


A friend used to own a 1980s/1990s XJS, bought new. He’d drive on down the road, and the car would just stall. Eventually, he could get it started. Jaguar couldn’t find the problem and he was getting frustrated. A lawyer friend wrote Jag a love note as a last resort. In a few weeks a Jaguar representative delivered a new one to his house. Big, and pleasant, surprise. The replacement did not spontaneously stall.


Thanks for the information :smiley: . . . I admit I was a little confused :frowning_face:


I seem to remember hearing and reading that in the 1980s and maybe even the 1990s the only way to make those Jaguars reliable was to ditch the Jaguar engine in favor of a chevy small block

one of my coworkers who is literally a generation older than me clearly remembers encountering a few such cars, and he says they were much more reliable, versus the Jaguars that still had the factory engines

any of you guys have experience with that?


A knowledgeable car appraiser/author on a different forum says the Jaguar 6 is plenty reliable, but not the V12. Also, all the accessories/electrics are bad for both.

The V12 has a nasty habit of baking the fuel lines buried deep in the engine, which leak, then FIRE…


You need a mechanic to check it out any used car before putting any money down. If you can’t get the vehicle to mechanic I’d suggest skipping it.


Oh I should’ve mentioned! The owner says it drives great and it has very low miles, considering it’s age, only 140,000.


Tow it to your driveway and polish it. You will be the envy of your neighborhood. Sit in it and turn on NPR until you hear a British accent and imagine touring down a country lane with a young lady at your side.

Just don’t expect to be able to drive it.