I loose power when driving up a hill

when accelerating to climb a hill-and not very big ones my car looses power-i can’t go above 45. If I have the cruise control on it will only loose a go down 3 or 4 miles but if i don’t it may loose 8 or nine miles. It is a standard and a 2007 with 100,000 miles

Are you down shifting far enough?

Other than that, you may need new plugs and plug wires.

Hybrid: gas and electric?

What size motor,make of car.
Does not add up.
Say your in 5th gear with cruise on and come up a to a hill the ONLY thing cruise can do is push gas peddle all the way down, same as you can do. So you must not be pushing it all the way down.
Need more info

yes, it is gas and electric and am in 5th gear at the time doing 70-on the highway and when climbing a moderate hill the speed drops I do down shift. I wonder if this is usual for a hybrid

I know it does not make sense-and I can’t push the pedal any farther down or it would go through the floor. It is a 4 cyl, honda civic hybrid

Does it seem to be more of a problem when the main batteries are a little low?

Have you ever changed the fuel filter?? Maybe it’s time to have the main battery pack evaluated…