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I know zip about cars

Thinkin bout buyin 1999 Toyota Rav4 2 wheel drive,manuel trans 145,000 miles.Live in cali looks good.What fair price.What maint. issues

Poping out of 5th gear but it can be fixed without pulling trans.In 5th gear let off gas, this is when they pop out.
95-2000 rav4s are the BEST little suv ever if they are kept up. is the best site for rav4s, use search for detailed instructions on many things.
How much they asking? Good ones go quick.


If its in good condition I do not think it is too high, can you take it to good repair to have it checked over?
All windows and fenders have serial numbers on them, check them to see if they have been replaced from crash.
I am telling you for that price it will not be around long.