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I keep getting a p0302 (misfire cylinder 2)

I keep getting the same code even after i replaced the plugs wires and coil packs on my 96 ford ranger any ideas on what it might be?

Have you tried swapping the fuel injector from cylinder 2 with an injector from another cylinder to see if the miss moves with the injector?


I have. The misfire stays on cylinder 2

Have you tried a leak-down test on cylinder #2?


A what? Explain please?

Leak-down test.

Apply compressed air into a cylinder while the piston is at top-dead-center.

This will indicate if there’s a problem with the valves, rings, head gasket, etc…


Perform a compression test . . . dry AND wet

Please give us the numbers for all cylinders

No parts swapping necessary for such a test, either

If your engine is the 3.0L flex fuel model the purge valve

may be leaking and causing a misfire on cylinder 2. That valve is located on the drivers side inner fender near the battery.

It’s a double pluged 4 cylinder rwd

In that case remove the valve cover and check for a tossed rocker.