2008 Ford Ranger occasional misfire

My 2008 2.0 L 4 cylinder Ford Ranger with 270,000 km (~169,000 miles) occasionally misfires at idle with an accompanying OBDC code of P0302 (#2 cylinder misfire). No issues on acceleration or at higher rpms. Plugs and wires recently changed. What should I check?

Offhand I’d look for a bad injector.

Thank you.

The dry and wet compression readings of all 4 cylinders. The valves or rings may not be sealing on #2

Thank you for your email.

First I would swap the #2 injector with #3 and see if the missfire moves. If that didn’t work double check the spark plug for cracks, it has happened to me where a new spark plug cracks. If those are good next thing I would do is replace the coil pack.

A stretched timing chain.


I dont thinks its the timing chain. This has a dual overhead cam. If the timing chain was the problem it would be more the just #2 and I have 300,00mile on this engine with no timing problem. So at 169 you should have no real problem yet.