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I hate liars

I recently had my car repaired at a local auto repair shop referred to me by someone I thought I could trust. My car had 61254 miles when it got to the shop and 3 weeks later when i get it back it has 61855 miles. The trip odometers have been reset. I wanna know if there is any way to see last trip mileage or if there is some sort of tracking device on my car that I can somehow track where my car has been.

Did they record the mileage on the paperwork? Are you really sure of those mileages? Frankly I don’t see this going anywhere other than a “he said she said” argument.

Your car has “on star” so call the on star operator and inquire about tracking your car and be prepared to give dates from XX/YY to XX/ZS.

You Might Want To Check With Your State’s Secretary Of State Office Or Web Site.

Many (most) states keep records of complaints. You could check them out.

Also, many states require a repair facility to give an owner a written estimate for repairs. I don’t know if the mileage has to be recorded on a Repair Order, but many states require a mechanic’s name and state certification number on it when you pick up your car. I’d see if everything is in order on your R.O., according to the regulations and you might have the upper hand if you file a complaint or even threaten to do so.


My state (AZ) has a 2 Billion dollar budget shortfall, I don’t think you would get too far with a complaint that would take away resources from feeding people, providing emergency services, keeping the highways safe, but you could give it a shot.

About that tracking device, you may want to ask the government agency that is following you for a printout on where your car was on the days in question.

Only if the OP has kept up the subscription. That’s the “dirty little secret” behind Onstar…you need to subscribe after the introduction period that comes with the new car.