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I got a strange one for ya.. 1999Plymouth Breeze

OK, I’ve got a 1999 Plymouth Breeze with 119,000 miles on it.

DAY1…Low oil pressure light came on drive to work (not in drive way warming up), Oil real low, 2 qrts added immediately after light came on. Light remained on but only if sitting at idle. Arrived at work and parked until lunch. At lunch, drove car around for 30 minutes and no oil pressure light. Drove home after work and no oil pressure light.

DAY 2… Warmed car up for 15 inutes and no light. Driving to work, oil pressure light back on when car is idle. Drove on to work and parked. At lunch went and had oil change, No oil pressure light on the way to oil change and no light back to work from oil change. Drove home, no light and that evening drove around town for son’s B’day and no light.

DAY 3(today 3/5/2009)…Warmed car up 15 minutse and no light. Driving into work and the oil pressure light comes back on at idle. Came into office and started this post.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The low oil pressure light comes on at (about) 8 psi. At idle, and the oil is warm, the oil pressure is lowest…in your case, around 8 psi.This is too low. The cause may be the worn engine, worn oil pump, or a partially blocked oil pick up.
The oil pressure needs to be checked with a direct oil pressure test gauge. Then, your mechanic can decide on the remedy.

Any idea why it only happens in the mornings and is fine every other time of the day?

I’m not a mechanic, but I play one on the Internet, but it would seem to me that the oil would be warmer in the afternoon when it was warmer outside. However, it really shouldn’t matter since in both cases the engine is warmed up. The only wrench in the works is why it only happens in the mornings and not in the afternoons…

I would start by getting a mechanic to connect an oil pressure gauge and measure the oil pressure. If the pressure is OK warmed up at idle then you probably have no serious mechanical problems. I might be a bad oil pressure sensor/sender or some other electrical problem.

And skip the 15 minute warm ups, unless it’s below 0F where you are.