I feel a sputtering at high speed

I have a 1999 C1500 Chevy Suburban with 130k miles. When on the highway, traveling at about 55, I feel a sputtering in the engine (it?s a Vortec). Around town it feels fine and the engine feels strong. It makes me think there is a misfire, but the plugs, wires, cap and rotor have all been replaced. I also recently had the fuel injectors replaced due to another issue. I replace the ignition module as recommended from a friend. Another friend says the problem is with the oxygen sensor. We are not experts, so I would value your advice. Thanks John (Florida)

Fuel filter?

A tech should verify the complaint,do a good visual inspection,do some simple tests such as vacuum,compression,cylinder leakage,retrive DTC’s,check for TSB’s,look at scan tool data. Feel free to omit any steps you wish.

Yep… forgot to mention the filter was replaced and it was defiantly plugged up. Thanks

Will do… thanks for the quick response.