I don't think this would be allowed even in Tennessee

Maybe in West Virginia or Mississippi.25660192_564147443922533_7690919407629264384_n


I have used a 2x12 for a bumper but this guy has me beat!

I’m sorry but its late and I just can’t think of an appropriate response. I’ll probably end up dreaming about that though.

WOOD: the other sheet metal.

Nothing like built in impaling rams…

Wood you own such a car?

I can see it lumbered its way into that parking space

Obviously built a car shop that splintered off from a carpentry shop

Isn’t everyone pining for a sweet custom like that?

Isn’t that the new 2018 Beaver 2000?

…Stop me before I pun again…


Is that a Subaru Forester?
I bet the driver keeps a log of his travels, so he doesn’t get board.
It handles like a son-of-a-beech.
This topic is kindling my imagination.


Well, car bodies did used to be made of wood…
As strange as it looks, I don’t see anything that wood make it illegal. A manufacturer couldn’t build one like that, but the requirements for owners is far less stringent and state regulated.

Besides, Virginia and Tennessee have no annual safety inspections.

This is a knotty problem. Does Rusty Jones have a termite protection plan? It would be easy to recycle, no crusher, just a chipper.

It’s completely illegal in every state I have lived including NH. As it should be. It’s a hazard to occupants of it and any car it hits. Just the forward facing 2x4s alone should be obvious safety issues.

Per NH inspection requirements- http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/rules/state_agencies/saf-c3200.html


Saf-C 3221.01 Body Damage.

(a) A vehicle shall be rejected if:

(1) The body components have tears, sharp edges or protruding areas that present a safety hazard to any person;

(2) Any fender is:

a. Missing;

b. Improperly installed;

c. Not the proper height; or

d. Loosely attached;

(3) Any door is:

a. Missing;

b. Improperly fastened; or

c. Adjusted so that it cannot be tightly closed;

(4) Any door latch, lock, hinge or handle installed:

a. Is broken;

b. Does not work properly;

c. Is defective; or

d. Does not work as manufacturer intended;

(5) The hood is missing or cannot be tightly closed;

(6) The hood safety catch, hand operated hood release latch or remote control hood release is inoperable, unless equipped with operable primary hood release latch hood pins;

(7) The floor pan in the passenger compartment or trunk area has a hole, is worn or is rusted so that exhaust gases enter or cannot support vehicle occupants; or

(8) Any portion of the body, chassis or running gear is missing or does not function properly.

Source. (See Revision Notes at Chapter Heading Saf-C 3200) #8915, eff 6-22-07, EXPIRED: 6-22-15

New. #10886, INTERIM, eff 7-16-15, EXPIRES: 1-12-16; ss by #11016, eff 1-6-16

Saf-C 3221.02 Replacement of Body or Chassis. Any portion of the body or chassis of a vehicle which is missing or damaged shall be replaced with material(s) that meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

Source. (See Revision Notes at Chapter Heading Saf-C 3200) #8915, eff 6-22-07, EXPIRED: 6-22-15

New. #10886, INTERIM, eff 7-16-15, EXPIRES: 1-12-16; ss by #11016, eff 1-6-16

Saf-C 3221.03 Body Openings. A vehicle shall be rejected if the body is damaged so that rear doors, windows, deck lids or other similar items cannot be fully closed and properly sealed, or any other condition or body opening exists which allows exhaust gases to enter the passenger compartment.

Source. (See Revision Notes at Chapter Heading Saf-C 3200) #8915, eff 6-22-07, EXPIRED: 6-22-15

New. #10886, INTERIM, eff 7-16-15, EXPIRES: 1-12-16; ss by #11016, eff 1-6-16

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I’m sure the owner was pining over how to fix this car, but perhaps they will now will spruce up their repairs. Sometimes making the right decision can be a real pain in the birch.

Hopefully everyone is oak kay with my puns…

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Back in the 60’s and earlier, the California used 3x10 redwood bumpers front and rear on their vehicles so they could push other cars or stop an out of control car going down a steep grade. As far as I know, the latter was only done successfully once.

It’s a good thing oil change intervals are so long on BMWs. Another good thing is that you can check the oil level on the dashboard.

Yes Virginia does: Safety Division - Virginia State Police
And that fails on a number of items.

Send it to Florida. No inspections, and no authority of any kind seems to care what rolling box of splinters is on the roads.

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Is that a preview of the new Bob Villa-Danny Koker reality TV show?


+1 and many more! I can’t upvote this enough!

Some people are just against change. This might be the wave of the future. Car kits at Home Depot.

I saw a partially wooden fire truck once

Gotta be careful to not get it too close to the fire then.

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Owner got confused when somebody told them they needed a set of biased plies.

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