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I cant start my car!

I have a Mercedes-Vebz E-Class 2008 car. One day I drove to work and when i vegin to park it, it shut off. I changed the batteries in the smart key thinking that may be the problem, it didnt start. I checked the battery, still didnt start. Checked fuses, all good. There is power to the car from the key but it will not start up. What should I do?

First a better description would help. Does it crank at all. Does it crank and not fire. Any dash lights on. do the headlights work.

Better Description? Everything works. But it does not crank or fire.

changed battery in smart key.
checked battery. car wont crank. car is 10yrs old. how old is battery?

Its old but it has 9 amps.

You need a lot more amps than that!

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And just in case you really meant volts, you need a lot more of those too! :smiley:


It takes 9 amps to start the car is what i meant. My point was, the battery is not the car.

It takes a lot more than 9 amps to start a car.

If it won’t do anything wiggle the shifter around, or if you can, turn on the key and move the shifter from P to N. Then try to start the engine.

I tried the first part already. Ill try the second now.

anything in the 9 range while talking cars is not good
since car uses 12v system.
joe bob can put meter on battery. what is voltage? easy enough
what is/are amps? not easy for casual user to measure that as most dont have that type of equipment
clean battery terminals. use jump pack or jumper or charger
does car crank? yes-no? than you go on to next step

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