I can't drive at night! No Working Headlights?

Since the flash section of the headlight switch is working you need to check the power on the wire going to the normal headlight position of the switch. That should supply power to the headlight relay coil which controls power to the lights. It would be wise to check out Ebay and purchase a factory service manual for at least the wiring of the vehicle. Having that and at least a test light probe to check for power will be a big plus in helping you find the problem.

Thanks Cougar, will update as I go along. Might help someone else.
Wasn’t sure I’d receive a reply to such an old thread.
Definitely a dodgy wire or connection as lights came on this morning, then went out as I drove along.

Remove the glove compartment. Three small black Philip screws, and two ten millimeter bolts hold it in place.

With the glove compartment removed. Look directly underneath the dashboard, just in front of the airbag. You’ll see a small black control module. It has a green and white sticker. Remove the Philip screw above it.
Replace this module, and your lights will work again. I got a replacement from the junkyard for 4 bucks.20190121_144833

I have the same problem and just found that exact part right where it was described. No one has it new for less than $250.00, have to get it used or at junkyard. Thanks for the recommendation on this parts bingo journey, I will see if it fixes the issue.