I am sending my ML320 SUV to auction and I need a used reliable car

I just put in another $600 and it needs a power steering fluid pump and that’s another $600 not including labor. I’m looking for an economical used car that is not expensive on parts and labor. I also need alot of room in this vehicle because I travel with alot of teenagers and suitcases. I DO NOT WANT A VAN

How many is “alot of teenagers and suitcases”? The problem is that it sounds like what you don’t want is what you need. But more information would help us make some better suggestions.

Pick up Consumer Reports Used Car Buyers’ Guide at the local bookstore. It’ll be an excellent investment.

Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, Town Car…Bullet-proof, low cost per mile transportation. Comfortable, too. 24-26 on the highway, 18 around town…

Consider a cross-over, like the Kia Rondo. My BIL and SIL like theirs.

Consider putting up with the Mercedes ML320. You are driving one of the safest cars in the world, and it is a great driver, and not bad on fuel (19 city 23 highway… most get better), and one of the few SUVs that has a truck frame and low range making it a true SUV for off-road use.

If the safety and fun in driving and the relatively decent economy are of low interest then go ahead and get whatever suits your needs. Maybe a Honda Element will be a fit.

If you want to stay with an SUV, my wife and I have been very satisfied with the Toyota 4Runner. The mileage runs about 16-17 in town and 24-25 on the highway. Our 4Runner is a 2003 with the V-6 engine. I don’t see many used ones on the market, but I’m certain that someone must trade one in once in a while.