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Hyundai XG350 Problem

My wife’s 2004 XG350 battery dies if the headlamp switch is left in the “auto” position over night. The dealer has been unable to duplicate the problem. This has been going on since 2006. Anyone had the same or similar problem? Supposedly there is no TSB on this problem. Any ideas? Battery has been replaced once with a heavier duty model.

Apparently there is a circuit before the ignition switch, drawing current when you leave the switch in that position. To prove it have the battery current measured with the switch OFF and in the AUTO position and compare the results. You may have to replace the light module to fix the problem.

Thanks, that is more than the dealer offered.

Does this happen only with your wife. Do you drive the car? If you drive the car, sometimes, and it doesn’t happen with you, then your wife is doing something you aren’t …or, vice versa.
There is an Auto Light Sensor on the dash, I think (Check Owner’s Handbook). Your wife may be leaving something covering the sensor. It should, probably be dormant with the ignition key out…but, who knows. Look into that.