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2008 Lexus LS 460 - Dirty switches

I believe an electrical issue is causing my new battery to die repeatedly for months. lexus now says it’s due to dirty ignition switch and dirty door switch. surely this won’t drain a battery. for months I’ve been told that I was leaving the acc on,accidentally. really ???
does anyone know what may be going on because I don’t belive our savannah folks do.

You will have to tell us what is going on because we can’t look over you car as you can.

A failing door ajar switch can lead to a discharged battery, I have replaced a few on the LS460. If the body computer believes the door is open it won’t switch off the automatic headlights. These door ajar switches can fail intermittently making it difficult for the technician to spot the problem, the tech usually doesn’t operate the vehicle at night like the owner of the vehicle does.