Hyundai stuck on highway help


Have a family member stuck in Texas… She gives her car (hyundai elantra 2000) gas and it wont accelerate. car is fuel injected. she has parked the car at a hotel. the problem is intermittant. Suggestions?


Get it towed to a dealer.


is she from there? or visiting?

ask around for reccomendations for a good local mechanic. she does NOT have to go to a dealer. this isn’t a warranty issue. and a dealer will likely scalp her pocketbook.


When she gives the car gas and it doesn’t accelerate, what does happen? Does the engine speed up, or seem to bog down?
If the engine speeds up, but, the car doesn’t accelerate, could be the automatic transmission is slipping. Check the transmission fluid level. Add as necessary.
If the engine seems to bog down, that could be a dirty fuel filter. She needs a mechanic for that. She can have the car taken to any mechanic.
A listing of any other symptoms could help in a diagnosis.


what good will this do if you have the correct answer ? can she fix it at the motel? it could the transmision. it could be a broke cv joint it could be fuel filter clogged it could be just broken . it couldbe only spark to two plugs .


Go to the Mechanix files here on Car Talk and find a mechanic near where she is.