Hyundai S-A1

Hyundai is showing their aerial vehicle at CES, and it appears that Uber will operate it as a taxi service. It has four rotors that rotate slower than a helicopter and that cuts the noise, and the photo looks like a VTOL configuration. They did not display a real one, and the cutaway shows a seat for a driver. Anyone want a ride? I do. I’m not sure I can afford it, but I want one anyway.

They’re one of dozens claiming to bring these to market. I’ll believe it…well, you know the rest.

When I lived in Colorado on my my neighbor’s flew a helicopter as part of his job and would land it in the vacant lot across the street when he came home for lunch. It’s pretty loud. M-F lunch was no problem, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be hearing that on a Saturday morning.

I not have seen any evidence of porkine avaition yet,

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I think that will be available for purchase, when, to paraphrase a common expression, Hyundais fly.

Well, I mean, yes. The flying Hyundai will be available for purchase when Hyundais fly. :wink:

Drivers are killing 30-40 thousand people a year while trying to operate in 2 dimensions. Can you imagine the carnage in 3?


“Flying cars” (which is a bad idea for technical reasons) would have to be completely autonomous and not controlled by the people inside them beyond telling them where they want to go. Otherwise you’re right, it would be chaos and deaths every day.

Fortunately, the FAA won’t let that happen - if someone does release an Uber taxi that requires a human pilot, that human will have to be a licensed commercial pilot with a type endorsement for the taxi, at which point they won’t be any more dangerous than a normal helicopter.

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I agree. They can’t operate from just anywhere. Possibly rooftops of buildings tall enough that these air taxis can land and leave safely. They certainly can’t operate on the streets or most parking lots for that matter. Even though the rotors are smaller, their outboard locations probably make the danger zone at least as large as a helicopter’s. I’d still like a ride, though.