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The return of the flying car!

The return of the flying car!

I want one.

One one hand people want cars that drive themselves to reduce accidents…

On the other hand are those that want to complicate thing by adding motion in the Z co-ordinate (Flying!)

Flying cars are not new.

I’m holding out for one that swims and flies.

I didn’t claim they were. The title says ‘return’.

There’s a company less then 15 miles from my house that makes a flying car.

But this one that Random Troll posted is different. And looks like a blast to fly.

That “mega-drone” approach is promising for hobbyists (but I’d hate to have one next door - NOISY). But to me “flying car” has meant something one would use as a car replacement to commute, shop, etc. When do I expect anything like that? No time soon.

I don’t want a flying car, I want a driving airplane.

Fixed wings, tractor prop, tail stabilizer and rudder, there are some things we got right 100 years ago. If an airplane’s power fails, you have a glider. If a multi rotor drone’s power fails, you better either have a parachute or never fly any higher than you are willing to fall, say 15 feet above water.

That’s pretty cool . . .

But using the word car is a real stretch

I agree with db4690. If it were a true “flying car” what happened to it’s on road capabilities? It is more like a “cargo drone”, only the cargo is a pilot. I wanted o say manned drone, but if it is manned is it still a drone? But it does look a fun toy for the lake house. I think it would be real scary if something happen ove terre firma.

You don’t think it can auto-rotate like a helicopter? If the fan blade pitch is adjustable, it should be possible to auto-rotate to a reasonable landing like every helicopter ever made. And it would a bit stupid NOT to design adjustable blade pitch for that very reason.

THEN altitude is your lifesaving friend.

No adjustable fan pitch, those are just jumbo drone fans. So no auto-rotation possible, I’d bet. Just YAAAAAAAAAAA all the way down!

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The three most useless things to an aircraft pilot. Runway behind you. Altitude above you. Fuel in the fuel truck.


Just call it an aircraft and be done with it