Hyundai Making Motorcycle Noises


My 2002 Hyundai Accent started making “motorcycle noises” about two weeks ago, mostly during acceleration, though at idling it also sounds a bit “rough”. To be a bit more descriptive, it sounds like air is coming out rough, like an exhaust problem. less than 50K miles on the thing. The only other issue I have with it is that the cable for the gas pedal sometimes sticks, and I have to push and release the pedal quickly to “unstick” it, but that has been off and on for 2 years.


it probably is an exhaust problem - either a hole in the muffler/pipe or a bad exhaust gasket.

As to the throttle cable sticking, that is a safety hazard not only to you, but to me. Get it fixed, yesterday.


A noisy exhaust is not a motorcycle noise. Well, with all the open pipe Harley riders around I can see how you might think that, but really motorcycles do not have to be noisy.

Anyway, you probably have a bad muffler or a hole in the exhaust pipe somewhere. Should be easy to fix at any muffler shop. There is the possibility of a bad manifold gasket or cracked exhaust manifold, but the muffler or pipe is much more likely.


Problem #1 sounds like an exhaust leak. Problem #2, I had a similar problem with an intermittent sticking accelerator pedal, it turned out that the edge of the pedal was catching on the floor mat, I moved the mat a little and problem solved. It’s a long shot, but easy to check.

Ed B.


That’s what I’m thinking as well - it’s been getting progressively worse as it the week passes. I’ll be getting it to a mechanic tonight.