Hyundai ix35 é um bom carro?

Recentemente meu irmão adquiriu um ix35 e nos primeiros 2 meses o carro já tem dado problemas, gostaria de saber se esse é bom carro ou foi uma roubada ter comprado?

Subject: Is Hyundai ix35 a good car?
Recently my brother bought an ix35 and in the first 2 months the car has already given problems, I would like to know if this is a good car or was it a stolen one to have bought?

Hi Kovemo:
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It is difficult for us to answer your question, given how little information we have.

Can you reply with some information about the car? Specifically

  • the year and mileage.
  • the kinds of problems your bother is experiencing.
  • and what your mechanics are telling you about the problems.

We will have a better chance of helping you with that kind of information.

Em inglês, por favor.


I guess it is not a good car if it has problems . Just a guess since the problems are unknown .

I never heard of the Hyundai ix35. Turns out It is a second generation Hyundai Tucson, built in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

The ix35 has been around since 2010 so this one could just be old enough that it’s starting to need repairs. You didn’t say what year or how many miles/kilometers are on it. I don’t understand your question about whether it’s stolen because that wouldn’t necessarily affect whether it has problems.

Lost in translation.
OP was probably asking if buying it was a ripoff, i.e. a bum deal.

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Yes, that does make sense. Thanks for the “translation.”