Hyundai CV Axels

I own a 2000 Hyundai Elantra. It appears the CV Axels need to be repaired or replaced. Are there options on which to do, how do I decide best option and so you have any ballpark idea of the costs.


There is a left axle, and a right axle. One side is, usually, the only one that needs to be replaced.
The whole half-axle (right, or left) is usually replaced with a re-manufactured one. The cost would be $200, or $300. Check with your favorite independent mechanic/shop.


Usually the axles get replaced as assemblies which includes the axle and the CV or Constant Velocity joints (they allow the axles to flex while the wheels go up and down over bumps and while turning.) The labor to disassemble, clean and repair the worn CV parts would ordinarily exceed the cost for a complete replacement CV axle.

Go on sites like Autozone (register yourself), Advance Auto parts, Hyundai, etcetera, and get some prices for CV axles. Then call your shop or shops in your area to see what the labor would be. That will give you an idea. You can ask if you can supply the parts or ask what they would charge you for the parts if they get them. Most places try to make a profit on the parts as well as the labor.


The independent garage price for a particular brand, is usually 150% of what a part would cost you if you went to an auto parts store and bought. It just the way the business is done. A dealer’s parts price will be 200% to 300% higher. Such is life.

I Agree With Your General Assessment On Price Mark-Up.

However, I have learned to always double check fairly expensive items with the dealer’s price. I am very thrifty and therefore I called several chain auto parts and independents when I needed brake rotors. I wound up purchasing from the Chrysler dealer, getting U.S.A. made parts instead of Chinese white box parts, at a lower price. This dealer does generally sell below his list, though. I have other examples besides this episode.


Thanks so much for your help on this. This is the first time I’ve signed in…love the show but have never used this web site.

Much appreciated. Have a great weekend!