Hyundai Accent jumps out of gear - manual transmission

I have a 2006 manual transmission Hyundai Accent with 36,000 miles. On a trip to Vermont, I was driving up Rt 7 mountains and accelerating uphill when my manual transmission jumped out of gear, revved up - I was in either third or fourth gear and put it back into gear - this happen around 6-8 time while going up hill and accelerating. After climbing the mountain, things were OK but on a low grade hill it happened a few more times and then once on a flat surface. This was about 10 days ago. Since then, I am back home in Syracuse, NY and it has not repeated itself but I have not had the opportunity to duplicate the steep accent with acceleration. I took this in to my Hyundai dealer and of course they could not duplicate it - they indicated that they never heard of this before and bring it back if it reoccurs. I asked about computer readouts and they indicated it wouldnt show up. I did a google search and only found an article on problem with the pulse generator - I did this search after bringing it home from the dealer (http://www…ts/page-2/)

Have you heard of this before? How do I let the FTC know about this - I went to their site but couldnt find an appropriate form to fill out on problems with cars.

Did The Hyundai Techs Check The Motor / Transmission Mounts? I’m Not Sure What Type Of Shift Linkage This Vehicles Has, But Look Closely, Particulrly At The Engine Anti-Roll Mount.

It sounds like when the engine is really torquing, something is pulling on the linkage and that something could be a rolling engine.


It doesnt sound like they did anything other then take it for a test drive. Thanks for the info

CSA has some good comments on the mounts. If the transmission mounts and motor mounts are all OK, then jumping out of gear indicates something is worn internally in your transmission. If the car is still under warranty make sure this event is documented in the service records and invoices you receive, make sure they are dated and have the cars odometer reading.

It is likely this will happen only under hard acceleration. As the transmission wears it will happen more often and under less hard acceleration. Syracuse isn’t especially hilly, so it may take a trip into the mountains for it to occur again.

I don’t think this is an area covered by the FTC. Rather since a transmission jumping out of gear can lead to accidents it maybe a Federal Highway Safety Commission reportable issue.

the trouble is the dealer wont take it far enough to get to a hilly spot - I have my receipt from today and if it reoccurs I will bring it in again and have them check the mounts

good I will report it to FHSC

The NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) Has A Place To File Complaints On Their Web Site. You May Want To Look For Similar Complaints While You’re There.

Uncle Turbo is correct about internal damage. If you don’t have much now, you will have when this car keeps popping out of gear. You will have trouble keeping it in gear.

I’d bet that somebody could get it to jump out of gear if they drove it in either 3rd or 4th gear, let off the gas and coasted a second, and then tromped on the gas.

Is this transmission covered by warranty?


yes it is still covered by warranty and I will try to get the dealer to drive it as you suggested after I try it myself.