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Hyundai Accent cranks but wont start

My 2002 Hyundai Accent is a cool small car but for some odd reason it Cranks but no start. Has a strong battery, plenty of gas. Checked for spark. Fuel pump ok. Distebuter, Timing seems to be fine. So now what? 32 psi in tires. Just kiding. PLEASE; Save my little car. Thank you

Is check engine light on?, should be some codes stored if not starting.

If you have that… Is it s strong spark? You say the fuel pump is OK… Did you check the pressure? Do you know the injectors are firing and how?

A quick test for you. Spray starter fluid into the intake while trying to start it. If it fires and runs as long as its being sprayed, you do, indeed, have a fuel problem. If it doesn’t fire, you have a spark problem.

How did you determine that you had fuel pressure.
If you just pushed in thew schrader valve and gas dribbled out, that is not telling you that you have pressure…or enough pressure.