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Hyundai 2007 Sonata lights stay on and drain the battery

I have a 2007 Sonata. The parking lights won’t switch off without a turning the lights on and off for some time. Repeated attempts can turn them off, but you have to check the car in a hour to see if they have come back on. The dealer stated this was a known defect of the fuse box assy, but there is no recall. 800.00 repair according to the dealer.
Without an alternative, I am considering ordering the assy and changing myself. I have a lot of electrical experience, but very little car experience. Has anyone made this repair or have an alternative to it?
Thank you

I don’t see how changing the fuse panel would fix this sort of trouble. Do you know any more details about this issue? You should be able to find some info about this problem on the net.

The dealer stated this was a known defect

Sounds more like the dealer is just putting you off.

Is your car under any kind of warranty?

I would start by contacting Hyundia.

If the dealer does not take care of the problem right away, I would suggest finding a good local Independent mechanic. Ask your friends and neighbors for their recommendations of a mechanic that knows what they are doing.

No warranty. I checked other places online. It seems to keep coming back to this fuse box as the source of the issue. I was told by the dealer that was the issue. I am waiting to hear back from Hyundai. I found another comment that said the relay control for the lights is integrated into this fuse box.

What’s so special out this fuse box that causes it? Looking at the schematic, there’s a relay and a DRL module that I guess could cause problems with lights but couldn’t those things just be unplugged and replaced?
Unless those things are integral of the fuse box, it is hard to believe it needs to truly be replaced.
It usually consists of just wires and terminals…

I would be more inclined to say the problem is with the multifunction switch as this switch has two contacts. One for the parking lights and onefor the head lights. The multifunction switch is the last component that controls the parking lights. Before the multifunction switch is the Body Control Module. But if there were a problem with the BCM it wouldn’t be able to turn the parking lights on unless the contacts for the parking lights were closed in the multifunction switch.


Unfortunately it is not the headlight switch. It is the relay which is located inside of the fuse box. But the whole fuse box needs to be replaced inorder to fix this problem. The dealer said that this is a known defect and if I would like to purchase one they have lots in stock. I have notified Hyundai. Waiting to hear back and also put a complaint in with DOT vechocle safety.