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Hybrid for cross-country

Not that I’m in the market for a new car right now, but if I were, I’d like to get a hybrid. The problem is that I drive about 40 miles each way, and it’s all cross-country in North Georgia. That means lots of up and down hills. Any recommendations on a good hybrid for that terrain? Currently driving a Nissan Versa

Hybrids seem to do better in city driving unless the hybrid is designed to produce more power with a smaller engine. As such, they seem to get very expensive for the gain in economy. Hybrids, unless they are plug ins with legitimate range w/o gas, are not worth the investment. How could you do much better for the price than a 30+mpg 4 cyl Camry/Accord/Malibu/Taurus etc. ? I would recommend none.

This may be highway driving that works well with a hybrid, with batteries helping on the uphill, recharging on the downhill. You’ll need to test drive them, see how they handle it. One brother has an Insight, another a Prius, they both like them. Alternative would be a TDI Golf or Jetta, but VWs’ reliability and (certainly) service is suspect.