Hybrid cars



How safe are they? I was talking to an EMT volunteer and he said that because of the high voltage present and the toxicity of the batteries, they are instructed not to cut into the body or use the jaws of life. Is this true?


Yes, that is probably true…But at that point, it’s a body recovery operation anyway…


As long as the electric cables are not cut it will be safe to carefully cut the upper frame away from a trapped person.


I have seen more than one newspaper article reporting on the special training that rescue personnel in NJ have received from Toyota, regarding how and where to cut into the body of a Prius when saving crash victims.

If the rescue personnel in your area have not received this type of training, it is definitely available from Toyota.


The high voltage system will shut down in the event of a crash.


A couple of articles in the media recently alluded to lawsuits pending against Toyota by consumers who complained of effects of EMR, citing everything from headaches to cancer. Apparently Toyota is in the position to have to defend and prove that the large capacity wires carrying heavy current to run all the electrical system in their Prius is NOT harmful, that it’s not like living under a power line…


All hybrid mfrs’ emergency response guides are here: