HVAC Door Motor: Disconnect on 2005 Vibe

My HVAC motor is clacking under the dash–a broken gear from what I’ve read. I currently have the re-circ button pressed in to silence it. Since I can live without re-circulated air, I figured I would just disconnect the motor. I took out the glove compartment, and pulled on what I think is the connection, but can’t get it undone without possibly breaking it off the housing.

Any suggestions? Is there a special tool? Is the connection intended to be a ‘one way’ connection (in only)?

Usually the connector has a locking tab you have to push down with your thumb while you pull on the connector at the same time to get it off.

Since you’re into it that far…just get the new blend door acuator and replace it.
( checking , of course , to see if anything is in there blocking the door movement, causing the gear strip. )

Thanks for the responses.

From what I’ve read, replacing the blend door actuator may involve removing the dash, and that’s a bit much for me. Also, I looked/felt for a locking tab, and can’t locate. I’m gettin new tires in Nov-maybe one of the tech’s at the shop will be able to do this without much effort.