Humming Noise - about to give up

Hi everyone. This issue is officially driving me insane.

Car info - Audi A3 8v 2015 S-line 1.4 Tfsi , 47k miles on it. FWD.

There’s a loud humming noise coming from the front of the car, it sounds like it’s something that spins, although I can’t be sure.

It gets progressively worse as the speed increases. Definitely low pitch, whirring almost like it is associated with the movement of the car but I’m not a mechanic

Took it to a mechanic and he thought it might be a wheel bearing but changing it did nothing. He didn’t charge me.

Then we thought it might be a slightly bent rear wheel alloy, so I replaced that and still no difference. Finally, I replaced both front tyres and nothing.

What else apart from alloys, tyres and wheel bearings can this issue be? When he had a look there was nothing that stood out to him. Taking it on Monday to have another look after eliminating those issues.

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You need a mechanic that can isolate the noise and do a proper repair. My guess would be cv joint.

While this is not a typical symptom of a failing CV joint, it would seem that all of the other possibilities have been eliminated.

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On a smooth road, put the car in neutral and coast to see if the noise is still there. If it is, it is associated with stuff that still goes around like wheels, axles, and such. If not, it is associated with the engine or transmission. At least you can break the problem in half to try and identify it. Rotating tire would also eliminate or not any wheel or tire issue. Ya gotta help the mechanic a little.

In your other post i asked if this noise was present while the car was moving or if it was present at idle with the car stationary.

You say the noise increases with speed. Well, that does not really answer the question completely as the RPMs will increase with speed also.

You also state wheel bearing in the singular. If only one was replaced then maybe the other one is faulty also OR the source of the noise was figured incorrectly with the wrong bearing replaced.

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