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Hum when the wheel is turned

I have an 02 Cavalier with 156K. A while ago now, I noticed a slight hum coming out of the front wheel area when the steering wheel is turned slightly to the left. It started at highway speeds and has creeped down to about 40 mph. The brakes were due for a replacement, so I got new pads and the rotors machined. BUT, the hum continues.

The hum is ONLY when the wheel is turned to the left, not the right. And, it’s not just left turns when it hums but even slightly angled to left of center. Checked the powering steering fluid and it was just below the cold line (when it was cold) on my slightly angled driveway. The fluid was reddish-orange, thin and watery (not thick like oil) and smelled slightly of exhaust.

Any ideas?

Front passenger side wheel bearing.

Alright, any idea how much that costs? And do I have to get it replaced tomorrow or can I wait a bit?

Don’t replace anything until a mechanic checks it out…

They tend to hang in there for a while, but I would not plan on holding off for a trip over the hill and through the woods to grandmother’s house before you fix it.