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Huge (59 Volkswagen) Bug Weighs In At 3 Tons! Custom Fabrication

Check this out! What an undertaking!

I saw it in USA Today, today, in a story by Chris Woodyard. Link below:

Some of you guys are looking for a “project car.” This guy made one.

This is truly a head-turner!
“if you don’t move, nobody moves,” is how the builder describes stopping at an intersection when he’s out for a ride. I believe it!

I LOVE it!! I did, of course, own a '61 Beetle way back then.

I also love that thing. There’s a lot of homebrew engineering and thought went into that thing.

Back in the 70s a good friend of mine built a '61 VW on a tube chassis. It has a Ford 9" rear axle, a Powerglide transmission, and a Buick 401 Nailhead engine in it. That engine puts out about 440 Ft. Lbs. of torque so you can imagine.

Quiet mufflers, 4 or 5 shades of primer, and it didn’t look like much. It sure fooled a lot of people at the light when the light turned green though.

For what it’s worth…
Yesterday when I was at my son’s house, he searched and found a video of this car showing a guy talking to the builder/owner of the huge bug. It gives a bit more detail of the endeavor.