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How to tie down trunk lid

If I were to transport something that was sticking out of the trunk of my 09 Camry, is there a way to tie the trunk lid down so it doesn’t bounce up and down while driving? I can’t find anything to loop a rope through.

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Then get a stretchy bungee cord or two, hook it (them) to the cleat and then to the trunk latch bottom piece or go under the bumper and hook to something . . . Voil? ! Case closed. I mean trunk closed.


OMG lessons in Bungee cord use, sure that is what I would use, would not buy nothin there is always a way for cheap.

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Just use a few heavy duty bungee cords. If they are tight enough, the trunk lid won’t bounce up and down, especially if you use a couple old towels to protect whatever is sticking out.