How to tell if our 2012 Toyota Prius v is wearing out?


The OP does say that the wife wants to buy a replacement, but that the husband favors maintaining the Prius. So, in this case, “Keep your wife happy” is grammatically correct.

I agree that “Keep your spouse happy” would have been correct and less stereotyped, if clunky.

(Note that I did not impute gender to either spouse.)

As far as me living in a man’s world, I plead guilty. Last I checked, I am still a man.

It’s interesting to me that you assume the word “let” means “to allow.” It also means “may” as in “let there be peace on earth,” or “let there be light.” In any case, there are things my spouse would not “let” me do either, like date other women (or men!)

As far as team decision making goes, I have been happily married for forty years, and consider my wife (or spouse, or partner, if you prefer) to be equal in every way. That does not mean we are the same. That will never happen (at least not without major chemical alteration!)

The one thing people don’t like to acknowledge is that every one of us is biased. If people would own up to that fact, we could have some real dialogue for a change. Try listening to others, not just in “language that you prefer.”

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"Only the names change . . " We could have been having this discussion over 50 years ago as to whether or not one should replace a VW Beetle with a new VW Beetle. Today’s Prius has become the VW Beetle of yesteryears.
VW kept the same style for its Beetle for years and Prius has done the same thing. The VW appealed to young people just as the.Prius

Smart couples decide jointly on things they jointly understand and know something about. We’ve been married 51 years and agreed that on many household things I’m no expert and my other half makes the decisions within an agreed budget! On car stuff that’s technical she leaves me to decide. But all still within budget!

On big items we jointly research and decide. The house we have lived in for 34 years now was the result of much shopping and shortlisting 6 properties that met our needs.

Many of my wife’s friends have SUVs and vans. She would have none of that for her next car. Since she wanted something as close to a sports car but still be able to carry groceries and sports gear, a Mazda3 Sport Hatchback was her choice. In her previous car, a Nissan Sentra, I had a ski bag installed that fits under the rear armrest and extends from the trunk into the car to the back of the front seats. It holds up to 3 pairs of skis and poles! No messing with ski racks! Expensive European cars often have that.

In business decisions are made at the lowest sensible level (within budget) for efficiency’s sake. Well run companies push this down as far as it makes sense.

I know a couple where the husband goes shopping with his wife and has has veto power over every item it the cart. These people are normally called control freaks! I also know a family where the wife is a health freak and makes her husband eat all sorts of stuff he does not really like, but is supposedly good for him!

We are fortunate to like the same kinds of exotic foods (Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, etc.) , love the same wines, and even have the same taste in beer!

I agree. My son bought a new 2007 Prius in 2007. It still runs great, so major issues. They use it around town plus for longer trips occasionally (8-hour-drive to my daughter-in-law’s family). They have never had to replace the battery pack. A 2012 with only 130,000 miles on it? Sounds like it still has a long way to go. I wouldn’t worry until it appears to be having issues. I have a 2012 Prius C I expect to have for a long time, God willing.

You can always have the battery evaluated if you are concerned.