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How to Price a 1998 2.3CL Acura

Dear Readers,

How would you price an Acura 2.3CL with 235K miles. I am the original owner, and replaced parts as needed, and have been diligent with maintaining fluids. The interior and exterior are excellent. The car has not been in snow.


Edmunds says it should bring $1200 in a private sale for a manual transmission or about $1270 if it has an automatic. That’s in my area and for a clean car. Price it in your zip:

Also look up values on and Be realistic about what it needs and adjust the price down for anything out of the ordinary. The only work I would do is whatever is needed for the new owner to register it. In MD, there is a safety inspection, but no emissions (at sale). I’d get the certificates so that the new owner just has to bet the plates and drive.

235K miles? Wow, that’s fantastic news. My 2.2 CL only has 105K miles. I can continue to drive it for many more years. Thanks, SunnyAl.

If you have maintenance records, you can get top dollar, but top dollar for this car is not very much.

At 235K, just about any car falls into the $1,000-1500 price range.

Good luck.