How to prevent windshield haze

Helpful hint on how to prevent the difficult to remove haze from heat on dash creating vapor residue & also reduces visiblity on interior windshield and door windows glass. After thoroughly cleaning all interior glass and dashboard using a clean cotton lint free cloth immerse into a bucket with 1/2 gallon of fresh water, 2 tbsp. of dish soap and 1/2 cup of white vinegar then wrung out several times.
I have two ways to keep haze from forming
Purchase vehicle specific dash cover and or always put sun shade in windshield before getting out of car.

Well…I guess that would work but I don’t do dash covers or sun shades. I guess I’ll just continue using Windex with ammonia. One cleaning lasts for months.

"I guess I'll just continue using Windex with ammonia."

I recommend Invisible Glass or Hope’s Perfect Glass, as they are more effective than Windex or any of its clones.

I’ll keep that in mind @VDCdriver but I’ve never seen those products in any of the stores that I shop in. My wife also likes Windex which is a problem in and unto itself.

I fill a spray bottle 1/2 full of fresh water, 1 T ammonia, and the rest with Apple cider Vinegar.

Spray on like windex and use old news paper crumpled up to wipe with. There’s supposed to be something in the news print that makes the glass sparkle with no streaks.

I also mist the seats, carpet and any other cloth panels before I do the windows. The truck then has the hint of apple cider instead of horse apples!!!


@missileman–I think that I bought those products in either Lowe’s or Home Depot.
My local supermarket doesn’t carry them.

That hard to remove haze on inside of windshield ( similar to cig smoke ) is caused from the Sun through the windshield & heating up the dashboards vinyl material to become like vaporized, sticky residue.
Also should not use cleaners containing “AMMONIA”, on Tinted windows.

“Also should not use cleaners containing “AMMONIA”, on Tinted windows.”

If you have aftermarket tinting on your windows, that may be true, but genuine factory tinted glass is not affected at all by products containing ammonia.

Products like Armor All also contribute to haze. I’ve found that 303 Aerospace Protectant is better in this regard.

I used Armor All, once and the first curve I came to…everything from the dash was on the floor.
Sunglasses, reading glasses, cel phone, camera, pet rock…everything. I was thinking of putting it on my roof to keep the snow sliding off.


I bought this for the inside windshields that are “way out there.” It works great.

I use a piece of black and white print newspaper, crumpled up and then rubbed against the inside of the glass. No water, no ammonia, no nothing, just bone dry newsprint. It takes off the haze very well and leaves no streaks. Works on the rear view mirror, too.

Not to argue but so far I prefer windex over invisible glass. Walmart had so I tried it. Doesn’t seem to work as we’ll at first although they say you need to go over it twice at first. I usually just don’t have the time to do it twice so maybe it is better, but so far sits on the shelf until further experimentation.