How to get haze off a windshield?

Is there any product that removes the haze from inside a windshield without a lot of work? We don’t smoke, but it still gets pretty bad.

Also, would it make sense to use an orbital buffer with some window cleaner?

Use plain water mixed with vinegar (2/3 water to 1/3 vinegar) in a spray bottle, wipe with crumpled-up newspaper (black & white, not color). Works great!

If the haze is due to micro scratches in an old windshield, like due to wiper use over the years, talk to an autoglass shop about getting a glass polish. There are products out there to restore the glass to sparklng clear.

Check to make sure that your vent system is set for fresh air too.

[b]The haze is probably from the vinyl on the dash off gassing. Which makes getting the haze off with regular window cleaners pretty tough.

What I’ve found to remove the haze easily is Brasso metal polish. Apply the Brasso to the windshield, let it dry, and buff it off. leaves a crystal clear windshield.


Plasticizers can be removed with any solvent. I’d stick to the less aggresive ones, like isopropyl alcohol. Simple Green will work, as will vinegar and water.

I’ve cleaned the inside of the windshield with windex and invisible glass…like the latter even though it takes an extra step to finish off…why an orbital buffer? hand power works.

I just use a crumpled newspaper. No solvent, no liquid, just crumpled black and white printed newspaper. Works pretty well.

If your car is an older car, film on the inside of the window could be from a leaking heater core. In which case, the heater core would have to be replaced.

I also use isopropyl alcohol as a window cleaner–for both the inside and the outside of the windows. It is a good solvent and is incredibly cheap. Just be sure that you don’t get any on the vinyl of the dashboard or the door panels and you will be very pleased with the results.

The IPA will only damage vinyl if it remains for a few minutes. If it is wiped off immediately, it is not be a problem. And it will only extract plasticizers from vinyl, not all plastics. It is likely that vinyl is not the actual plastic used anymore.