How to open/extract manual from folder



Several months ago somebody here kindly directed me to a site that let me download a manual for my car. I wound up with what appears to be a compressed folder “99CAR21.iso” How to open or extract readable file(s)?

(The computer is as old as the car, running Windows ME. I realize that this is like driving a Lada or a Yugo, so, please, no laughing.)

#2 should answer your questions.


Thank you, Mr. Meehan. Now if I can get the folder transported to the more modern computer (w/ CD-RW) upstairs, or if I can find the download link again, I’ll be all set.


If you’re running ME, I think your computer might be more of a headache than your car.


My suggestion to you is find a copy of Windows 2000 laying around from somewhere. Its many worlds ahead of ME in stability and ease of use.


Hey, andrew j and anonymous, I said no laughing! Next you’ll be telling me I should upgrade the '94 Taurus. :>)

I still have not figured out how to get Roxio to open the folder, but I have not tried very hard yet.



Can you put it on disc and take it to Kinkos to print?

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a .iso file is essentially a CD image file. Once you burn the CD, the files will be able to be accessed.


My CD burning experience is limited to formatting the CD and then writing files to it. Are you saying that I just copy the dot-iso to the CD like a file, and then the CD drive will read it (i.e., open it so I can see it)?

(This is pretty embarassing for a former elex engineer for whom “computer” meant the 1’s and 0’s and logic circuits.)


I know…that’s whay I made the suggestion. If the home computer can’t open the file, the ones at Kinkos should have the software. Theirs are pretty well up to date and carrying the software to open compressed files.

I just had to update my 10 year old tower to get 2000 on there (from ‘98) because the new printers’ drivers won’t recognize Windows '98! I think I’ll start pricing a new motherboard with a dual core processor. Vista would run like a crippled cricket on my 10 year old single core processor, and Vista will be all there is soon.

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Download the program and install, open the .iso file using that, extract to your hard drive and print out