How to I puchase a car in Ohio and drive it back to NY legally?

Why is there a legality issue? You have insurance. You buy/get title. You transfer title at your dmv and get ny issued title.

This person wants to aquire a vehicle that is at least 10 years old from an individual and have a friend drive it through several states . Will it have Illinois tags on it that are registered to someone else or not even have tags ? What could go wrong ? What if it breaks down somewhere and the friend has a job they must be at and leaves the vehicle at some shop .

The person said that New York has Honda Elements for sale it seems that one could be found in decent shape . If something like Carmax or Carvana has one they will bring it to you and have some kind of warranty .

Buy the car in Ohio. Make sure you tell them you will NOT be registering the car there so you don’t pay the Ohio sales tax. Get a temp plate from the dealer or the local DMV. Get insurance. Drive to NY. Before you can register the car you’ll need to get new insurance and have them issue you a NY Insurance Card for proof of insurance. Then go and register the car. At this point you’ll have to pay the state sales tax.

I guess this person passed on the Ohio vehicle and is now looking at one in Illinois .

Do NOT buy an Element in a salt belt state. They all have the same problem. RUST

Buy the car from the south or southwest. Arizona. Alabama. Nevada. Non coastal Texas. Transport costs will be higher but rust will be far less an issue. Buy nothing north of Tennessee.


Agree if I was to buy anything farther north it would have to be a brand new one.

If I wanted to buy a onda element for NY State, I would do as my granddaughter did. She has her dad find her one in Florida. A cheap one way flight and she drove home a completely rust free Element.

the only problem with buying vehicles from southern states is you have to be careful because there are a lot of flood cars out there that might cause a problem in the future. with all the new and used car shortages and high prices, you never know what some people will do to make money. not everyone is honest. unfortunately.

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