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How to get out of a lease?

I leased a 2018 KIA SPORTAGE from a local KIA dealership in Dec,2017. Due to my age of 85 and health conditions I am having trouble making the payments. Is there any way I can get out of my 3 year lease?
Thanks, Lee

Talk to your leasing company (NOT the dealer!!) and see what they can do for you. That’s #4 on the link to the article I posted.

#5 is to just stop paying on the lease and let them take it back. If, at 85, you don’t think you need a good credit rating (and likely you don’t) then this may be an option.

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Is there anyone in your family that might want to assume the lease ? Usually the lease termination fee is high . There is a fee for transferring to another party but only the leasing company can tell you that.

If you’re 85 and in poor health, then it sounds like you will never work again, and never need to worry about your credit again. You are likely “collections proof” at this age, so your creditors probably won’t even bother trying to sue for a judgment.

You might as well contact the leasing company and inform them that you are now 85 years old, your health has deteriorated to the point that you cannot drive anymore, and you are no longer able to pay the monthly lease payments. Let them know that you would like them to come pick up the car, so you can cancel the insurance, and have it off your property. Make it very clear that whether or not they pick up the car, you won’t be sending in any more payments.

I did not know Mr. Mustang was that old.

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Find someone who can take over your lease. People do this because they don’t like the car or are in difficult financial situation.Post an add in your local newspaper.

I’m not 85 years old. :wink:

Plus the fact that you are not the one with a leasing problem .

I thought that went without saying, but bcohen2010 thought otherwise… :smile:

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Not yet. I look forward to seeing your posts when you are 85.

Try this site for some info, Sorry to her your troubles.

I LIKE that optimism! Thank You! :smiley: