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Being Charged Money When Returning A Leased Car

I am about to return a leased Saab wagon. It is almost three years old -and in oerfect condition and under the mileage allowed. My contract says I’m allowed ‘fair wear and tear’ but the last car I turned in was perfect too - and I’d had it detailed and they stll stiffed me for a bill of almost $2000. How do I avoid this? And is there a third party I can appeal to?

How do you avoid this?
By not leasing!
IMHO, leasing is a really bad deal from any perspective.

However, in terms of dealing with possible problems when you turn in the current car, ask to see their leasing “bible” where “acceptable” and “unacceptable” conditions are illustrated with photographs. That could help you to make your case if they try to rape you with the usual “wear and tear” fees this time also.

Another thing you can do is demand an itemized lsit of all the problems they found. The leasing company should not charge more per hour than for other work. If this was handled at a dealership, they should charge the prevailing rate for whatever work is done. Make them prove that the charges ae legitimate. You might go there before asking to see the refernce VDCdriver mentioned.

Yep, that’s one of the hidden costs of leasing and why I don’t do it. I turned in 10 company cars once and got hit for about the yearly cost of one of them. I even went to court on it but lost so just never leased again.

Forget about leasing and buy a late model, one-owner 2 - 3 year-old car with low miles and all service records. Finance it for three years if you have to. You will be better off compared to leasing a new car after three years. And, you will own it at the end of the three-year period.