How to fix this CD/DVD error on Honda Odyssey - "Bad Disc - See Owner's Manual"

Hello, just wondering if anyone can help with my 2014 Honda Odyssey. The DVD player works for a little while, but then will get interrupted by the car - I think the CD player - and will shut off. An error message then appears: “Bad Disc - See Owner’s Manual”. The manual just refers me to a dealer. I don’t think I have a disc stuck. I’ve read that I should take out the fuse for a day and put it back in, but I can’t figure out which fuse is for the CD/DVD player(s). Thanks for your help!

Is this car still covered by warranty?

Are you using a burnt disc . . . in other words one that you copied yourself?

Not really clear whether it is a DVD or CD here, but does it do it with all discs or some. Some players are picky and would reject some discs, esp the ones you burn yourself.

The fuse should be in your owner’s manual.

Also, if under warranty, then take it to the dealer. Not much can be done to repair these units nowadays.

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I would not imagine it is anything to do with a fuse, I would rather think it is about your disks or maybe some dirt on the drive lens

if you “burn your own disks”: consider using another brand of the blanks, for example Memorex tends to have lower quality than Verbatim, another thing to try is to buy dedicated “musical blanks”, they definitely work better in picky drives

I would not imagine dirt to be the factor in relatively new 2014 drive, but after years in service I would disassemble the drive and CAREFULLY blow lens with air and make sure grease is not old/thicken on the slides

Thanks, I believe we are out of warranty though I’ll double-check. I don’t think it is a disc issue, as the player seems to be churning/making noises whether I’m trying to play a DVD or not. The CD player area seems to have the green light on all the time.

And I did look for the fuse in my owner’s manual but couldn’t find it. I have the fuse location map, but maybe I don’t know enough about the abbreviations? None of them said CD or DVD.

Sometimes they have a reset button, it is a tiny dot and you have to push it in with the tip of a paperclips.

If the DVD player is making noises with no disc then there’s a problem with it. I might try gently blowing it out with some canned ‘air’. If it gets no power when the key is off I wouldn’t worry about the fuse.

I’ve fixed that “bad disc” problem on home dvd players by taking them apart and cleaning the lens with a q-tip and alcohol, and lubing the two slides with a tiny dab of white lithium grease. My experience with this procedure is it usually works, but only for about 6 weeks, then the same problem re-occurs. The ultimate cause seems to be the two drive motors themselves just wear out with use & get a little balky. One drive motor spins the disk, and the other moves the laser head in and out to follow the tracks. Those seem to be just simple dc motors, and the commutator probably starts to fail with high resistance, segment by segment. Causes the dvd player computer to get confused about where the laser is pointed, because it commands the motor to move, but it doesn’t move smoothly like it should. That’s probably what causes all the noise, it is trying desperately to figure out where the laser is pointing, moving things here and there. It’s sort of surprising, but from what I could figure out by inspecting the mechanism, the only way the dvd computer knows where the laser is pointing is by examining the signal returns it gets from the disc itself; that seems to be the way they are designed, so they can be priced so low. You get one heck of a lot of sophisticated optical technology for $35 these days.

One caution, never take it upon yourself to take apart dvd or cd players or dvd/cd burners or anything containing a laser unless you understand the necessary safety precautions for working with lasers, as eye damage is possible from the bright lasers these products use.

I’ve been making this “fix” repeatedly with many devices, George, and my wife was joking about one that I better did not do it as it worked something like 5 years after slides lubrication :slight_smile: I used synthetic caliper grease, not lithium :slight_smile:

Does anyone smoke in this vehicle? I repair computers and see this issue quite often with computers owned by smokers. Sometimes a good cleaning of the laser lens is all it takes. Other times it is history. One issue is that the dirt on the lens can cause the laser to operate at a higher power and it burns itself out even after you clean the lens.

Some of these drives are keyed into the equipment they are installed within so be aware of this if working on it yourself. For example, on gaming consoles such as the PlayStation and XbOX the controller on the drive is keyed to the motherboard of the unit. You can’t just find an identical part and install it. You must either reflash the new controller or re-use the old one if it isn’t failed.

I have seen drives fail with no apparent reason but usually dirt plays a major role in this. Gaming consoles are usually completely full of filth including dead and living bugs, cigarette smoke, pet hair, and more. I have seen some cars like this as well…

Maybe I’m using the wrong grease. On this new replacement dvd player I just bought, I’m gonna lube those damn slides every three months. Proactively. I’ll try the type of grease you recommend. I use the dvd player a lot, but even so I think they should last longer than the prior one did, about 3 years.

Here’s something else about failing dvd players of interest: Sometimes the dvd part can’t be made to work, but it will still play audio cd’s ok. That comes in handy for me b/c the Sony dvd player version I use plays cd’s not only in the normal cd format, but alsow encoded in mp3 format. I can pop in a CD and have 30-40 hours of Car Talk queued up & ready to play.

Hello! Did you ever find a fix for this? My 2012 Odyssey just started doing this last week after ejecting a CD. The CD Player light stays green all the time and continually tries to load/unload CDs. It eventually gives a Bad Disc - See Owner’s Manual error. I tried resetting the fuse and disconnecting the battery.

I may try disassembling it this weekend and see if something is inside of it.


In my case, my child had stuck a penny into the CD slot! So the DVD player accepted discs, and would play them for a while, before being interrupted by the CD error message. The penny was easily popped out by a mechanic. I hope your solution is as simple/silly!

Hello, I’m wondering if there was a resolution for the “Bad Disc - See Owner’s Manual” error.
My 2015 Pilot started doing this a week ago. My wife tried putting a CD in and it was ejected right away. Now every time we open a door or start/shut off the car, the CD player makes noise like it’s loading or reading a CD. I pulled the Fuse and it didn’t fix it.
I wonder if there’s a way we could disconnect the CD player as we can probably live with out it.

hi. Any luck in fixing it?

any success?