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How to check the windshield washer fluid level on an '03 Ford Taurus


I would like to monitor the windshield washer fluid level on our '03 Ford Taurus. Unfortunately, the fill nozzle goes underneath a piece of the chassis and I can’t tell where it goes or where the reservoir is located. The manual was no help whatsoever. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I’m stumped. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Although it has a low level indicator, that’s awfully low by the time it throws a light.
Otherwise just make it common practice to top off every time you have the hood up for anything else.

I always wonder about how to do that too. The Yaris from Toyotah is just as foolish a car as the Taurus where WW fluid is concerned. I buy the fluid about a year after my gallon runs out and top off my truck and car. I have never run out of fluid. It’s impossible to check the exact level and I don’t care much these days.

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There really isn’t any way to tell how much fluid is in the reservoir. You fill it until it’s full, then after a while you fill it again. Are you worried about running out of fluid or is there a specific reason you need to know how much is remaining?

It will not harm the engine if you run out of washer fluid!!!

Thanks to everyone for replying. I’ll take “asemaster”'s advice and just fill it until it’s full every once in a while.

In case you are wondering, I believe the owner’s manual states to “check windshield washer solvent fluid level” monthly. Unfortunately, the manual doesn’t state how that is even possible…


Run a tape measure down the fill tube as a makeshift dipstick.

Some vehicles have a foam float stick that will pop up when you are almost completely full and seem to disappear when you are getting low, only returning when you fill the washer fluid. Others have a perforated plastic strip attached to the cap that serves as a dipstick. Others still have no way to tell other than to fill it clear up to the top. When it’s full to the top, that is how you tell it’s full. I usually just fill it up periodically on my own vehicles, clear up to the top.

I have one of these ('03 Taurus), and my '07 RAV4 is the same as far as this. It’s kinda like pouring the WW fluid down a dark hole. I just have to wait for the sound of the fluid coming up closer to full and be ready to stop.

Open the lid and pour the fluid in. It’s full when the fluid reaches the top. It’s rare on todays cars that one can see the wash bottle. Just fill it when you have the hood open. You buy the fluid in gallon jugs but your resv does not hold a gallon. Fill it and be done with it.