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How to buy catalytic converters

I have a 2002 Toyota Sienna that did not pass a recent emissions inspection.

I asked the discussion community for advice and was encouraged to keep the van, buy the catalytic converters on my own, and then price the labor at a general muffler shop.

BTW, the car was built in California, has two catalytic converters, and my mechanic says I will need to replace both.

When I have looked for replacement catalytic converters the description always says, “Not Legal For Sale Or Use In California.” Can someone tell me if this means that I can not use the part for my California built car, even though I live in Maryland?

A manufacturer has to meet specific California requirements before an aftermarket part may be sold in the state of California. You should find out two things. One, is your vehicle certified with a California Partial Zero Emission Vehicle emission warranty? Call a Toyota service department and tell them your VIN and they will tell you. If it is, the catalytic converters would be covered under a 15 year/150,000 warranty. The federal (non-PZEV) emissions warranty is 8 years/80,000.

If not, your best bet on the other question is to ask a local Maryland parts counter what they sell. And whatever they sell will be legal.