How to adjust ignition timing on '93 Mazda MX6?

Hi, This newly aquired Mazda failed smog check.

Ignition timing needs adjustment, under the hood it says to jumper as to adjust idle speed, I don’t know where to jump in the diagnosis block.

A MIL code also failed but the amber light in the dash doesn’t light up at all, nor the turn signal lights. Should I try replacing the bulbs first?

The car hesitates upon acceleration a bit but seems fine with 240,000 miles.

The car is for a student and I’m trying to help out, with your help too. Thanks in advance.

Get a Haynes auto manual. For $14.95, it will help show you lots of information to get this car tuned-up. Not all MIL codes will turn on the CEL. To tell if the bulb is burned out, turn on the ignition, and all the dashlights should light up for a couple of seconds. If the CEL doesn’t, then the bulb is blown.

The MIL light doesn’t light at all, nor do the turn signal indicator or backlights in the odometer/tach panel, nothing lights up in there.
If I want to adjust the ignition timing or the idle speed, then I need a Haynes? I know this community has knowledgable mechanics.
Can anyone tell me how to jump the diagnosis block so I can adjust, the timing and idle speed, sort of jumper thing?

I found out how to do the timing, jump ground to ten, adjust idle, then timing.
Replacing those tiny instrument cluster lamps should be fun. I hope the air bag is not upseted. Any coments would be apreciated. Thanks.